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Moonglow’s 5-Charm Moondala Bracelet

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Product Description

Magnetic Moondrop bracelet by Moonglow

Moonglow’s 5-Charm Moondala bracelet in pewter with lobster clasp is our tribute to the “mandala”. The word Moonglow is engraved around the perimeter of the center charm and accented with two Swarovski crystals; two more charms are on either side. 

The mandala is a geometric figure representing the universe; the 5-Charm Moondala bracelet is a geometric figure representing 5 of your personal moon phases and is designed to remind you of your spiritual, never-ending relationship with all that is. Generally, the circular structure of the mandala is recognized as a model for the systematic essence of life, infinity and beyond! It’s apparent in the cosmic design of celestial objects and extends to the emblematic circles of friends, family and life itself. 

Mandalas are hot, hot, hot! From California to New York, from India to…well, everywhere! From the Motel Mandala Print worn by Selena Gomez, to the mandala tattoos inked on the bicep of the oh-so brilliant Russell Brand, these works of art are mesmerizing! They’re hung on walls, tiled into architecture, used in meditation and awe-inspiring. 

Our modern, personalized, 5-Charm Moondala bracelet is a great icebreaker. I mean really, what could be more awe-inspiring than the moon? Well, five moons of course! And these aren’t just any moons. These are moons that matter. They’re personalized moon phases reflecting five of the most memorable events in your life.

And, you’ll never run out of interesting things to say while you’re wearing your 5-Charm Moondala bracelet. Next time you’re at that family gathering and everyone has exhausted the sharing of stories about their summer vacations, drama at the office, and funny stories about their adorable children, you can flash your 5-Charm Moondala. Oohs and aahs ripple through the cool night air. You’ll initiate a conversation about your 5-Charm Moondala as you sip organic Merlot and gaze at the stars. You’ll pull out your laptop, google moonglow.com.au and read some of the product descriptions. Each family member will tell you which pieces they just must have! You take notes, and ta-da – your Christmas shopping is going to be a breeze!

The rest of the evening will be spent philosophizing about the cosmos and laughing beneath the glow of the moons on your wrist - and the one in the sky. This is a family gathering to remember. 

We’re sure you already know, but in case you don’t, our pendants absorb light during the day and glow in dark environments! 

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